Taeyeon – I love You ( Athena OST )lyric and translation


seuchyeo ganayo…uriui sarangeun…kaseum apeun chuoekingayo..
doraseoneyo..keudaeui maeumeun…nunmullodo jabeulsun obnayo…

My Love saranghaeyo saranghaeyo..keudae deutgo ittnayo…
My Love ijimarayo…jiuji marayo…uriui sarangeul..

naui nunmuri keudaen boinayo haruharu keuriwohabnida…
kaseum ddeollideon keudae ibmachumdo ijeneun chuoeki dwoettnabwayo…

My Love saranghaeyo saranghaeyo keudae deutgo ittnyayo
My Love ijimarayo jiuji marayo… uriui sarangeul..

maeil nan keuriumsoge harureul beotineunde keudaen eodittnayo…
naega mianhaeyo mianhaeyo keudae iji mothaeseo
My Love dorawajwoyo.. ddeonaji marayo naegyeoteseo jebal

Did it pass by…Our love
Is it just a heart-breaking memory..
It’s turning around…Your heart…Can’t I catch it with my tears…

My love I love you, I love you..Are you listening…
My love…Don’t forget…Don’t erase…Our love..

Can you see my tears. I long for you all day
My heart beat when we kissed but now it’s all a memory

My love I love you, I love you…Are you listening
My love Don’t forget Don’t erase… our love..

Everyday I long for you. That’s how my day goes by. Where are you…
I’m sorry I’m sorry that I can’t forget you…
My love come back to me.. Don’t leave my side, please…

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